All this for only £5.99 a month


Send quotes to new customers, raise invoices as soon as you finish a job, and keep track of due payments.

Raising and sending quotes or invoices is easy. Simply fill in the required fields of customer details, description of work done, amount charged for the job and you’re done.

Once invoices are sent, if a customer is late paying we’ll send you a notification to let you know. Make sure you get paid for every job!

Record payments

After paying for any business expense, quickly fill in a few details about the payment, take a picture of the invoice or receipt and you’re done.

No need to keep paper copies.

The app will securely store all your payment information for 6 years to comply with HMRC regulations. No need to pay more tax with lost receipt

If materials are purchased for a specific job, enter the customer name in the details section of the receipt log. A search function can then be used to quickly view all payments relating to that customer.

Job Check-in

Using a simple GPS system, once you tap the ‘check-in’ button, the app will record where you are, what time you start a job and the date.

This information will be stored in your personal calendar within the app, meaning you can scroll back to see every job you’ve worked on, and total up time spent if you’ve been an one job numerous days.

You can ensure that you never charge a customer too little, or even more importantly forget to bill them at all!

No more lost income!

No signal, no problem!

We’ve designed the app so that it works when you don’t have 3G or wi-fi. Keep using it as normal and all the information you put in will be uploaded once you’re re-connected.

Easily amend information

We know that sometimes customers quibble or don’t pay the full amount, invoices can be sent as a draft until the amount is agreed, or deleted if required letting you be in full control of the information stored in the app.

Multiple users

ReceiptShed allows more than one person to log into the app at any one time by logging in with the same username and password. A great function if you have a few people working on various jobs.

Connect to your accountant

Using the invite button through the app, you can easily link up with your accountant who will be able to view all your invoices and payments.

From this they can produce your annual accounts, file tax returns and if required prepare your quarterly VAT returns. As you’ll no longer need to take all your papers to the accountant, there’s no risk of being fined for any late tax returns!

Easy access to your records

Log in to your ReceiptShed account on your computer to access all your information in spreadsheet format. This is ideal if you prepare your own tax returns or self assessment, or want to download all your information to keep a hard copy.